professional rug cleaning London

professional rug cleaning London

professional rug cleaning London: introduction

Are you tasked with cleaning a large rug? A large rug is often called an area rug and it fills up a room splendidly; but on the flipside cleaning it often proves quite challenging. Placing one of these items into the washing machine would have made life much easier but that is practically not possible because of its size. Especially fitting those big ones into washing machines is simply out of question and that could damage either the rug itself or your home improvement gadget pretty badly. 

Safe and effective rug cleaning tips from skilled and trusted professionals

As a universal treatment you can vacuum every rug that exists under the sun but it is important to note that certain rugs are only suitable for professional treatments for cleaning. On the other hand considerable varieties of these items easily respond to DIY home cleaning procedures. Irrespective of the variety of rugs you have it is important that every rug must be cleaned at routine and regular intervals. Rugs when left unclean are known to pose a number of issues which include the following

Bad smell or stench –

carpets and rugs when left without cleaning are known to pick up a stench or bad odour which combines cooking grease, body odour, pet urine, dirt, spillage and lots of other factors. Once this odour catches up it becomes difficult to remove.

Poor quality of indoor air –

Dirty carpets and rugs are an ideal breeding place for mites, germs and various contaminants. Moreover a dirty rag is also an ideal place for pat hair, your dead skin cells, dust and other unwanted particles to reside. All these factors contaminate the air quality inside your home or office. Thus there are higher chances of causing irritation in your airways explains a trained professional who deals with rug cleaning in London over the years.    

Germs and diseases –

Dirty carpets are an ideal breeding ground for harmful bacteria and germs that cause various diseases. This problem becomes more evident at places that have high humidity. In simpler words dirty carpets and rugs can easily make sick as well as trigger chronic diseases while clean rigs invariably promote better health.

In the following section of the post let us explore few tried and tested cleaning tips for rugs and carpets to make your life easier.

Easy tips to clean your rugs properly

If you have a large rug to clean then the first thing that you need to do is finding a suitable place that is big enough to clean the rug. In other words this means while cleaning a large rug it is always better to do the cleaning outdoors. However everyone may not have access to a space large enough outside their home and in those circumstances you do not have any choice but to clean your floor rugs indoors. Properly cleaning a large rug inside a home is not at all impossible although you have to take care of a few factors – like proper ventilation to dry the rug naturally after cleaning and draining away the excess water.

First you should vacuum the rug thoroughly or bash it out as this helpful getting rid of a significant amount of loose dust and debris. It is a good idea to place the rug on a table surface or you may place it between two chairs before giving it a good whack using a soft broom. Otherwise you can also drape it over a washing line suggest experts who deal with professional rug cleaning in London. In case you have a balcony then the best thing would be draping it there over the railing before giving it a good and thorough shake.

The right type of cleansing solution in a bucket of water (or you may use a garden hose too) traps the dust particles hidden in your rug and remove those. Once the rug is clean let it air dry which may take a long time, but do not use it again till it is completely dry. On the other hand if you have a sheepskin rug then you have to handle it in a different way.

Using a steam cleaner

A steam cleaner proves to be a useful appliance deep cleaning carpets and rugs. Rags made of natural fibres like wool and cotton are usually a bit sensitive and thus using a steam cleaner on those could be little tricky. This is where special settings in the appliance come into play to avoid warping and shrinkage of the décor item.

Use of a carpet cleanser

Once the greater part of the dirt already removed or at least loosened up now is the time to apply a carpet cleansing product to secure impressive cleaning results. This range of products is easily available at supermarkets. Certain products are particularly meant to deal with stains. If you have to clear away deeply seated stubborn stains it is better to use this variety of products suggests a professional who provides the service of rug cleaning in Londonover the years.

Let your rug dry out completely in natural ventilation before you press it in service again. Always air dry your carpets and rugs in the natural way. It is important to place a carpet for air drying in a shaded area away from direct sunlight.  

In case if you think you cannot clean your rug properly up to the level it is better to handover the task to a professional cleaning service. Especially if you have rugs that are delicate fluffy or belong to the category of antique oriental rugs then you must rely on professional cleaning for those items.

As far as rug cleaning is concerned, always remember that precaution is better that cure. In other words you should stick to the following tips to keep your rugs and carpets clean, tidy, hygienic and free from stenches longer –

  • Vacuum clean your carpets at short and regular intervals
  • Develop the habit of NOT walking on carpets with shoes on
  • Steam cleaning floor rugs at least once a year to prevent those from being messy and soiled

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